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The birth of the Filipino Student Association of Saint Louis University occurred during the 1996-1997 school year. With only a handful of members, the group came together to introduce the historical and cultural background of the Philippines to an otherwise uninformed community. The original executive board and members are as follows:

Executive Board
President: Bailey Guinigundo
Vice President: Eliza Gano
Secretary: Aimee Fernando
Treasurer: Dan Magparangalan
Public Relations: J.C. Copiozo
Historian: Jenice Reyes
Advisor: Rossanna Punzalan


Georgia Acuna
John Acuna
Paolo Acuna
Jason Aquino
Fidel (Ed) Arandela
Theresa Bolanos
Cel Bolanos
Kim Bunag
Jenny Carpio
Rachelle Cruz
Amyliza de Jesus
Romina Flojo
Lou Garcia

Shawnee Gruy Levrault
Valerie Leonor
Edwin Martin
Jay Perez
Kris Rafael
Emil Rutaeche
Ben Sampang
Lindsay (Lynn) Santos
Mylene Serna
Terrence Tobias
Romie Tolentino
Vincent Zata

As the years progressed, the organization grew to what it is today. With new faces, and increasing technology at our disposal, we continue the mission initiated by the founders of the Filipino Student Association; to educate the public about the customs and traditions of the Philippines.


And now 13 years after, FSA continues to bring out the best of the Filipino culture through various events on and off campus, reaching out to Filipinos from the St. Louis area and all throughout the midwest. With all the participation of its members and support from SLU, FSA will flourish and continue to fulfill its mission:

"Our mission is to promote unity within the organization through the awareness of the Filipino culture... provide opportunities that will enhance the understanding of our nation’s legacy... develop an understanding of our heritage, educate those unfamiliar with the beauty of Philippine traditions, and increase diversity awareness within our institution. The ultimate dream is to make all individuals aware of the Filipino ways and teach them the magnificence of our culture. "


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